International AIDS Conference in Vienna 2010


Women ARISE is a coalition of international women’s groups and organizations from around the world, working together to galvanize and promote a common agenda on women and girls’ rights in the AIDS response and ensure that all women and women’s issues are central and visible in the objectives and program of the International AIDS Conference in Vienna. Women ARISE aims to achieve this goal by:

  1. Increasing the visibility and substantial presence of all women at AIDS 2010 in all their diversity, leadership and vulnerability.

  2. Ensuring that women, especially HIV positive and affected women, are meaningfully involved and that gender parity is respected throughout the conference program.

  3. Developing a strategy to ensure that women have a coordinated voice and approach before, during and following the conference.
  4. Creating a strong communications strategy that places the spotlight on women.

  5. Strengthening the leadership and involvement of young women, especially young HIV positive women.

We welcome you to download and disseminate the Women ARISE Founding Document, which provides more information on our key issues and priorities and the groups involved.

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Coordinated by: International AIDS Women’s Caucus (IAWC),
Contact: Mabel Bianco,


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