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"Promoting the human rights of women affected and infected by HIV/AIDS since 1992"

"Desde 1992 promoviendo los derechos humanos de las mujeres afectadas e infectadas por el VIH/SIDA"



27 November 2013, Cape Town, South Africa. Activists across the world are calling for action during the 16 days of activism against gender-based violence that started on November 25th. This year’s theme is “From Peace in the Home to Peace in the World”. Globally, the levels of gender-based violence are alarming, and they are even higher in conflict and post-conflict settings. A recent study shows that conflict contributes to increased levels of violence within the family. The study calls for psychosocial services to the men, women and children affected by violence to stop cycles of violence at all levels of society. “Peace in the home starts with peace in the mind. We need to address the traumas of men and women in order to prevent further violence, at home and in the society” says Henny Slegh, lead researcher for the study Sonke Gender Justice and Promundo conducted on men and gender equality and gender-based violence in the Eastern DRC. [download]

HIGH-LEVEL TASK FORCE FOR ICPD - Rights, Dignity and Health for all

Summary - Policy Recommendations for the ICPD Beyond 2014: Sexual and Reproductive Health & Rights for All.
The ICPD at Twenty – An Unfinished Agenda. The visionary and groundbreaking Programme of Action adopted by 179 governments in 1994 at the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD), placed the human rights of women, including their reproductive rights and health, at the center of population and sustainable development. Nearly twenty years later,
the urgency of fully implementing the Cairo goals still stands. The ICPD inspired policies and programmes in many countries that have improved millions of lives, but critical gaps remain. Sexual and reproductive health problems continue to needlessly affect the lives of millions, with the gravest costs and consequences falling on women and adolescent girls, and communities living in poverty.
Although sexual and reproductive rights are human rights and fundamental freedoms that lie at the core of human dignity, they are too often neglected or trampled, or met with abuse, violence or persecution
. [Read more]

18-03-2013 WWW CAMPAIGN AT CSW 57
In the framework of the 57th session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) of the United Nations, the international campaign “Women Won’t Wait. End HIV & Violence against Women NOW”, with Foundation for Studies and Research on Women –FEIM- as campaign co-coordinator, organized and participated in many important events to bring visibility to the intersection of violence against women and girls and HIV/AIDS, within the framework of the women’s rights agenda at the 57th CSW, whose priority theme was: “Elimination and Prevention of All Forms of Violence against Women and Girls”.[Download report]
[Descargar reporte]
On March 8th, Mabel Bianco and the group of women from Latin America and the Caribbean who attended to the 57th Session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women in New York met with UN Women Executive Director, Dr. Michelle Bachelet. [Read more]

Delegation of Developing Country NGO to the Board of The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GFATM)

The Developing Country NGO Delegation to the Global Fund Board is seeking additional individuals to be part of the delegation, beginning of March 2013. The Delegation members who are selected will serve a minimum of two years.
Delegation's Mission Statement
The Developing Country NGO Delegation represents the diverse NGO / CBO response from the global south when it comes to AIDS, TB and Malaria on the GFATM Board.
Based on the knowledge and experience of NGOs and CBOs and their constituencies, this delegation aims to contribute to and influence Global Fund policies and practices to be continually and appropriately responsive to the needs of those affected by AIDS, TB and Malaria and of implementing NGOs / CBOs themselves. One of the defining features of this approach is the unique ability to bring the perspectives of both recipients and implementers to the GFATM processes.
The delegations objectives are to:
  1. Represent the perspectives of Developing Country NGO's on the GFATM Board in a strategic and consultative manner.
  2. Inform and positively influence the governance processes of the Global Fund to better integrate non-governmental and community based efforts to fight AIDS, TB and Malaria into national and international responses.
A Board Member, along with an Alternate Board Member and a Communications Focal Point, leads the delegation. In addition to these three, seven other delegates attend board meetings, based on individual disease expertise, regional and gender representation / balance, and the demands of the board meeting agenda. These seven are chosen from a larger delegation group, to which nominations are now being invited. A full delegation would eventually number up to 40 people globally.
The CLOSING DATE for nominations is February 10th, 2013. It will not be possible to consider applications received past this date.
Please send all applications with all required documents as detailed in the annex to:

For more information about the application, please refer to the attached pdf document.
30-11-2012 HIV and Violence Against Women: Putting World AIDS Day in the Context of the 16 Days Campaign
By Mabel Bianco, MD, MPH, Epidemiologist. President of Fundación para Estudio e Investigación de la Mujer (FEIM) and representative of Latin America and the Caribbean on the UNAIDS PCB NGO Delegation, discusses violence against women and its link to HIV and shares some initiatives her organization is promoting in Argentina to highlight and combat this issue.[download]
6-11-2012 MALAWI: Courageous Move to Suspend Anti-Gay Laws
(Nairobi, November 6, 2012) – The Malawian government’s decision to suspend enforcement of laws that criminalize consensual same-sex conduct is the right thing to do, and should serve as an inspiration to other countries that criminalize homosexuality, Human Rights Watch said today. During a radio debate last week with activists from Malawi’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community, the justice minister announced a moratorium on arrests on the basis of the country’s colonial-era sodomy laws.[download]

The Developing Country-NGO Delegation takes note of the decision on the New Funding Model
Dakar, September 18, 2012. The Developing Country-NGO Delegation takes note of  the decision taken by the full GF Board on September 14 in Geneva to support the new funding model in principle. This new model  will replace the previous Rounds based model that operated since the creation of the Fund in the 2002.
The Global Fund's Secretariat and the Strategy, Investment and Impact Committee will work towards developing the details of the funding model, including the country bands and the formula for allocating funds, for approval at the next Global Fund Board meeting in November 2012. [download]

In the framework of the XIX International AIDS Conference held in Washington DC, 22-27 July 2012, the International AIDS Women’s Caucus –IAWC- and the Foundation for Studies and Research on Women –FEIM- as Caucus co-coordinator, organized the panel discussion: “Building Lesbian & WSW Visibility in the HIV Response” in the LGTBI Networking Zone. The event aimed to explore why still lesbians and WSW are kept invisible in the HIV response and what needs to be done to make a difference. [download]

En el marco de la XIX Conferencia Internacional de SIDA, realizada en Washington D.C., del 22 al 27 de julio de 2012, el Grupo Internacional de Mujer y SIDA –IAWC- y la Fundación para Estudio e Investigación de la Mujer –FEIM- como co-coordinadora del Grupo Internacional de Mujeres y SIDA –IAWC-, organizaron el panel: “Dar mayor visibilidad a lesbianas y MSM en las respuestas al VIH” en la LGTBI Networking Zone. El evento tenía como fin visibilizar y exigir que as lesbianas y las mujeres que tienen sexo con mujeres (MSM) sean consideradas en las respuestas al VIH y qué debemos lograr cambiar esto. [descargar]


XIX International AIDS Conference. Pre-Conference Satellite Session
“Women and Girls Turning the Tide”
Sunday 22 July 2012 – 15:45-17:45h
Mini Room 10 – Walter E. Washington Convention Center 

Women and young people will gather to consider key issues for the Conference.

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We are glad to inform you that FEIM, in partnership with GCWA-Global Coalition on Women and AIDS, have launched the survey of the "Virtual Consultation on the Implementation of the Global Fund's Gender Equality Strategy". The survey will run from 6 - 20 July 2011 and is available online at the links below in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian, Mandarin, and tomorrow they will be launched in Hindi and Arabic.


We thank you for your participation and encourage you to widely disseminate it among your networks! Regards,

Mabel Bianco
President, FEIM

13-06-2011 Latin America and Caribbean upon the conclusion of the UNGASS High Level Meeting on HIV. Attached please find the declaration that we prepared as representatives of organizations and networks from Latin America and Caribbean upon the conclusion of the UNGASS High Level Meeting on HIV on 10 June at the main headquarters of the United Nations in New York. [download] [descargar]
19-04-2011 Global Campaign for Microbicides statement on the discontinuation of the FEM-PrEP trial. Johannesburg, South Africa, and Washington, DC, April 19, 2011—FHI yesterday announced its decision to discontinue the FEM-PrEP study testing oral Truvada (emtricitabine and tenofovir disoproxil fumarate) to prevent HIV infection in women in Africa.. [download]
08-04-2011 Stay the Rights Course. UNAIDS Reference Group on HIV and Human Rights Statement to the 2011 United Nations High Level Meeting on AIDS. [download]
04-02-2011 THE GLOBAL FUND ANNOUNCES MEASURES TO ENHANCE FINANCIAL SAFEGUARDS AND STRENGTHEN FRAUD PREVENTION. The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria today announced a number of measures to reinforce its financial safeguards and increase its capacity to prevent and detect fraud and misuse in its grants. The organization is also setting up a high-profile panel of international experts to review its systems and ensure that its approaches to fraud prevention are among the strongest in the world. [download]
31-01-2011 ON THE OCCASION OF DAVID KATO’S DEATH, AUTHORITIES WORLDWIDE SHOULD CONDEMN THE ON-GOING STIGMA AND DISCRIMINATION AGAINST THE LGBT COMMUNITY. The UNAIDS Programme Coordinating Board (PCB) NGO Delegation is saddened by the news of the murder of David Kato, a key activist in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender person (LGBT) community in Uganda. David was well known to the Delegation, our partners and constituencies and his tireless work was inspiring to us all. [download]
14-01-2011 WOMEN AND AIDS LETTER TO BACHELET. We are a coalition of women’s organizations advocating for women’s rights and health in global and national responses to HIV and AIDS. We are delighted to welcome you to your new role as Under-Secretary General of UN Women, and we would now like to ask for your support in ensuring that women are prioritized within the work of all UN agencies, and especially UNAIDS. Under your leadership, we are confident that UN Women can play an important role in ensuring this. [download] [descargar]
01-12-2010 WORLD AIDS PRESS REALEASE "2010 A YEAR NOT TO FORGET. THE UNIVERSAL ACCESO GOALS STILL NEED TO BE MET". The UNGASS AIDS Forum calls on governments to fulfill their commitments for reaching Universal Access on World AIDS Day 2010, and provides 10 steps to achieve the Universal Access goals for women and girls. [download]

28-10-2010 General Recommendations from the 47th Session of the CEDAW Committee from 4-22 October, 2010, in Geneva.

  • General Recommendation No. 27 on older women and protection of their human rights [Download]
  • General Recommendation No. 28 on the Core Obligations of States Parties under Article 2 of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women [Download]
29-10-2010 NEWS FROM GLOBAL CAMPAIGN FOR MICROBICIDES. Many questions have been asked about the next steps in verifying the results of the CAPRISA 004 trial and—if the product is confirmed safe and effective for preventing HIV and HSV-2 infections—ensuring its accessibility by the women who need it most. [see letter] [ver nota]
19-10-2010 LETTER TO UN SECRETARY GENERAL AND UN GENERAL ASSEMBLY PRESIDENT. The International AIDS Women’s Caucus endorses civil society letter to the United Nations Secretary General and United Nations General Assembly President registering concern over the constricted space for civil society participation at the 2010 Summit of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). [see letter]

During the XVIII International AIDS Conference in Vienna 2010, as Women ARISE, we promoted the participation of women committed with gender perspective in plenary sessions and other types of activities. Rachel Arinii, a young woman from ARROW and Paula Akugizibwe from ARASA spoked at the opening session; Everjoice Win from Action AID International and Meena Seshu from SANGRAM spoke in different plenary sessions, and Patricia Perez of ICW in the closing session.


View Rachel Arinii's presentation

View Paula Akugizibwe's presentation

View Everjoice Win's presentation

View Meena Seshu's presentation

View Patricia Perez's presentation
These were not the only public appearances of women involved in Women ARISE, but these are the ones we can put online for now. We will soon upload other activities.
19.05.10 UNESCAP - Resolution 66/10 Regional call for action to achieve universal access to HIV prevention, treatment, care and support in Asia and the Pacific. Download

08.03.10 International Women's Day 2010. Message from UNAIDS Executive Director Mr. Michel Sidibé. Download | Descargar

19.02.10 CSW Oral Submission - 54º Session. Regulating Women’s Bodies, Violating Women’s Rights: Criminal Legislation that Contravenes the Beijing Platform for Action. Download | Descargar
15.01.10 TOWARDS A JUST AND HEALTHY LIFE FOR ALL: SEVEN THINGS THE WORLD CAN DO TO END VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN. In every country of the world, women across all classes and cultures experience sexual, physical, and emotional violence. Violence against women is a fundamental violation of women’s human rights. Download | Descargar
Dec. 2009.
Brief in English as well as in Spanish. This is a collaborative effort of the WAC (World AIDS Campaign), the Center for Health and Gender Equity (CHANGE), Ipas, the International AIDS Women Caucus (IWAC) and the Fundación para el Estudio e Investigación de la Mujer (FEIM).Download | Descargar
24-11-2009 Letter from Mr. Michel Sidibé
Let me start by thanking you for your letter of 3 November 2009. The leadership of civil society organizations from the South in bringing together the global AIDS response and the work on sexual and reproductive health and rights is crucial to drive forward the agenda for women, girls, gender equality and HIV.
10-11-2009 LETTER TO THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF UNAIDS, MICHEL SIDIBE. The International AIDS Women’s Caucus (IAWC) writes a letter to UNAIDS Executive Director on November 3rd to thank him for the thoughtful process thus far on the Operational Plan for the UNAIDS Action Framework: Addressing Women, Girls, Gender Equality and HIV.
DECLARATION OF LATIN AMERICA AND CARIBBEAN REGIONAL NETWORKS ON THE 15th ANNIVERSARY OF THE ICPD. From August 3 to 5 the Women's Meeting for Latin America and Caribbean Regional Networks was held in Panama to analyze the implementation process of the International Conference of Population and Development Program of Action upon the 15th anniversary of its approval in Cairo.
26-06-2009 VICE PRESIDENT BIDEN ANNOUNCES APPOINTMENT OF WHITE HOUSE ADVISOR ON VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN. Washington, DC – Vice President Biden, the author of the landmark Violence Against Women Act, announced today the appointment of Lynn Rosenthal as the new White House Advisor on Violence Against Women. Ms. Rosenthal is one of the nation’s foremost experts in domestic violence policy, and has worked at the local, state and national levels to create an environment where violence against women is not ignored and perpetrators are held accountable. This is a newly created position at the White House, dedicated specifically to advising the President and Vice President on domestic violence and sexual assault issues.